Pet Insurance

Whether you call them your “Fur-Babies” or “Family with fins and feathers” they will need to see a doctor one day either for a routine check-up or for an unfortunate emergency. Sometimes a casual visit to the vet can turn into a much more expensive trip than you had planned. That’s why you need to make sure that your pets are protected.

Embrace Pet Insurance

We’re proud to announce a new program we’re making available this fall, Smart Finances for Business. This program is being administered by our own Cindy Fields, who has extensive experience as the CFO of a Fortune 500 company before she joined us. This program will cover analyzing investments, applying market intelligence in financial decisions, tax law for business owners and a variety of other topics.

We’re Proud to Introduce Massive Enterprises Inc. As A New Partner

Amazing Business Consulting is proud to announce our strategic partnership with Massive Enterprises Inc. Our long history with this Fortune 500 company goes back to its founder, Jeffrey Bihel, as a new entrepreneur. Our partnership will help provide additional mentor opportunities to our extensive client list. As part of our partnership agreement, Mr. Bihel will be offering programs through our company in mentoring, entrepreneurship and startup business tactics.